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Hi everyone,

I'm happy you came back to visit me. I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has been stressful but it is finally done except the final touches that will make it my home.

Amazon may have sent you an email for you to rate my book. I would love for you to go on the website and tell us what you liked about my book. I'm hoping you enjoyed it. Please let them know what you liked about it.

Take care and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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Though he's fought in hundreds of battles in a dozen countries, Dominick the Immortal has never know defeat. Now the King has given him his greatest challenge, to become the Lord of Godwin, and marry its lady, Eleanor. Upon meeting her, he is instantly attracted to the green-eyed beauty, but angered by the King’s order she vows she will never love him. Dominick could see spirits of the dead his entire life, but after his capture during the Crusades he closed his mind to the tortured souls that were left to wander in eternal darkness. The door remained closed until the strong spirit of a woman broke through his barrier and warned him that Eleanor was in danger. Dominick had one more battle to wage, winning the lady’s heart.

Nearly succumbing to her greatest enemy after long months of bloody siege, Eleanor sends a messenger to beg for the King’s help. He is her last hope of saving her beloved Godwin and its people. Eleanor gets more than she bargained for. Decreed by the King, her savior is to become her husband. Raised by an abusive father whose vile behavior led to her mother’s death, Eleanor vows that she will love no man. Yet Dominick is like no other man she has ever met. Unexpectedly, she finds that the legendary warrior has both honor and compassion. Losing her resolve, she must face her greatest fear, losing her heart.

“Ghostly chills of paranormal and well-placed teases of suspense. IMMORTAL LOVE made me remember why I love historical romance. Looking forward to more from this debut author.” 

- Nancy Gideon, award-winning bestseller of the “By Moonlight” series


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