Immortal Love

IMMORTAL LOVE (Love Conquers All - Book 1)

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Battle weary warrior, Dominick Wolfingham sees the gift of Godwin Castle as a mixed blessing. The permanent home he’s always longed for comes with a condition from his king—he must marry the former lord’s daughter who is now a ward of the crown and defend its besieged borders from a treacherous neighbor.

When her call for royal intervention arrives in the form of another merciless oppressor, Lady Eleanor fears her hopes of protecting her people and ravaged lands have again been ripped from her control. How can she trust the rebuilding of her dreams to a man hardened by years of destruction?

To release his reluctant bride’s heart from its prison, Dominick must wage war against her past. The key is in the hands of a tormented spirit. The ghost of Eleanor’s desperate mother struggles to reveal a long hidden secret that will allow her daughter the chance for happiness she was denied. But the only one who can hear her warnings is the warrior her daughter fears.


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