Powers of the Heart

Hello Everyone,

I have just signed the contract for the second book in my series, Powers of the Heart!

If you read Immortal Love you know about Erik - this is his story.

It’s about a strong-willed woman with a warrior’s heart, Kiera is forced into hiding by her uncle, who has cruelly exploited her healing talents in an effort to gain immortality. While helping a handsome stranger injured in a fight against bandits, she risks discovery by using her curative powers. Drawn to him from that first touch, she soon realizes the greater danger is to her heart. How can she remain with him knowing the threat that pursues her?

Isolated by his strange ability to commune with animals, Erik prefers their company to that of the humans who have often betrayed him. Until a mysterious woman dressed in chainmail saves his life. Intrigued by her compassion as well as by her beauty and fighting skills, he makes a vow to keep her safe from the secrets she refuses to share. But as the darkness of Kiera’s past begins to unfold, their only chance of holding a terrible evil at bay is by trusting in the unique strengths they find in one another.


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