On Commitment

I just sent out the third book in my Love Conquers All Trilogy, titled Destiny’s Promise. It was a lesson in commitment. Once I received my deadline I was determined to get it done. I spent an unbelievable amount of time working on this project. I missed a lot of things, such as spending time with the kids and grandkids, watching television, or reading someone else’s work.

My husband was there with me all along. He got a crash course in romance novels. He read, edited, and asked very good questions about my characters, and plot. He kept me focused and on track. I couldn’t have asked for a better critique partner. He was as committed as I was.

I also kept my family informed about what I was doing. I’m sure they don’t understand what it takes to get a book out but they supported me, with a “Good job, mom!” when I reached a milestone.

Everyone says that writing is a lonely endeavor, like a marathon runner setting his own pace. You keep picturing you goal and crossing the finish line. All marathon runners stay focused. That is commitment. You push through the pain and you get there. This has to be the same for a writer. See your goal and focus on the finish line.

Have you made your goals and do you see the finish line?


  1. Excellent blog, Vicki. How great that your husband is helping you with edits. I can't get mine to read my books. But he (my husband) does cook me dinner when I'm writing.

  2. Congrats on finishing that 3rd book and getting it out. I just finished a book in August and sent it to a beta reader. Now I'm hoping to finish another book by the end of Nov. It'll be a challenge.