A Cinderella Story

As a romance writer and reader, I find that many of our books are Cinderella stories. I love the story where the handsome wealthy man falls in love with a girl from the middle class. She’s always strong, and she’s always beautiful. We are taken on an adventure, and watch the characters’ love affair unfold.

Even in other genres you will find a Cinderella story. In a mystery, or suspense, a hard-working law enforcement officer tries to prove the guilt of a wealthy handsome tycoon. Eventually the two of them get together to find the real killer. The handsome rich man and the beautiful strong woman fall in love. Everyone cheers.

We love shape shifters who are the leader of their pack, Vampires that are Kings of their cult, and wizards with ultimate power, come to the rescue of a woman that needs saving.

In my book, Immortal Love, the impoverished daughter of an Earl, Elenore, is rescued by Dominick, the handsome, strong, and very rich general. Despite her lack of trust for men, Dominick proves that he is worthy of her love. It’s a Cinderella story.

In Powers of the Heart, Erik is the handsome strong Lord, that falls in love with Kiera, who is a beautiful woman trained in the art of war. They come together to fight Murdock, a man who tries to use Kiera’s healing power, believing it will give him immortality. Erik is handsome, strong, and rich, falling for a woman that is merely a soldier.

In Destiny’s Promise, Randolf uses his Merlin-like powers to protect Carina, a brilliant commoner, educated by her uncle, Anadar. Randolf fights to save Carina from the villain, Disa, a sorcerous wanting to destroy Carina’s soul, and keep the lovers from reuniting in other lives. Again, it’s the handsome rich Lord that falls in love with a woman of common means.

As you can see I love a good Cinderella story.

We also love Cinderella stories on film. Of course, there is the Disney animated classic, Cinderella, who marries the handsome prince

The 1960 film, Cinderfella, starring Jerry Lewis, was his answer to the Cinderella story. When his father dies, poor Fella is left at the mercy of his snobbish stepmother and her two no-good sons, Maximilian and Rupert. As he slaves away for his nasty step-family, Maximilian and Rupert attempt to find a treasure Fella's father has supposedly hidden on the estate. Meanwhile, hoping to restore her dwindling fortunes, the stepmother plans a fancy ball in honor of the visiting Princess Charmein whom she hopes will marry Rupert. Eventually, Fella's Fairy Godfather shows up to convince him that he has a shot at winning the Princess himself.

And another one of my favorites is, How to Marry a Millionaire. It came out in 1953. Three women are determined to marry a millionaire. Eventually they find true love with the average Joe. In the end Lauren Becall, falls in love with whom she believes is just an ordinary hard-working man. Then while sitting at the counter of a local diner, he pulls an enormous wad of cash out of his pocket. She passes out and falls to the floor. I cheer every time

Then there‘s the animated movie, Trolls, where the troll princess and a survivalist, fall in love on their adventure into Bergin town to save their friends. They help a scullery maid who is in love with the king. They transform her into a beautiful lady for a day. She even leaves a roller skate behind after their date at the roller rink. The king falls in love with her even after he sees her for who she really was. He realizes he found true happiness. A funny spin on the classic Cinderella story.

Let’s face it, you love them too.

What’s your Cinderella story?


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